Geneva GI
Boot Camp

Dublin– Graduates 21 Veteran Entrepreneurs

The leadership and commitment to veterans by the City of Dublin and the Dublin Entrepreneur Center (DEC) culminated during the week of 17-21 June with the graduation of twenty-one veterans from the Geneva GI Entrepreneurship Boot Camp.

The attendees, spanning Vietnam, Gulf One, Gulf Two and many still serving on active duty with all branches of the United States Military and Guard units, attended seminars and workshops from 7:30 a.m. to as late at 9:00 p.m.

The Boot Camp was fully underwritten by the City of Dublin and the DEC.  Attendees incurred no out of pocket costs for the Boot Camps.

Geneva GI Boot Camp curriculum and training materials were developed and presented by Fred Burkhardt (MBA) and Jeannie Anderson of Geneva Analytics.  Training sessions included a range of activities including panel discussions, specialized and entrepreneur speakers, along with classroom and small group work sessions.

On the final day, participants of the Boot Camp presented their business concepts to a panel of experts and other entrepreneurs.

Fred Burkhardt, one of the developers of the Geneva GI program says “we have taken months of study and distilled it down to a period of days.”

For information on the Geneva GI Entrepreneurship program, contact Fred D. Burkhardt 937-429-9476 or email